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Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY)

Background History

JSY scheme has been started during 2005-06 by Central Government. Maharashtra Government sanctioned this scheme by vide G.R. No. JSY2005/670 Prs. Kra.171/ FW 3 dated 26/10/2005 for the rural area only. Vide G.R. no. JSY 2005/670/ Pra.Kra. 171/ FW dated 14/08/2006 urban area & benefit is given to beneficiaries below poverty line. Vide G.R. No JSY/2006/ Pra.Kra.175/FW 3 dated 22/12/2006. Benefit is to be given SC & ST beneficiaries.


To increase the institutional deliveries in urban & rural areas. To reduce the Maternal Mortality & Infant Mortality among BPL, SC & ST.


  • Beneficiary must be BPL.
  • In case of SC & ST, benefit should be given to all pregnant women (including non BPL).
  • The age of registered pregnant mothers should not be less than 19 years.
  • The benefit should be given to the beneficiaries up to two living children.
  • For home delivery Rs. 500/- amount is to be given to the beneficiary.
  • For Urban area, the beneficiary after delivery in the institution to be paid Rs. 600/- within 7 days.
  • For rural area the beneficiary after delivery in the institution to be paid Rs. 700/- within 7 days
  • For C-Section Rs. 1500/- are given to the beneficiaries
  • Above benefit is given by cheque to the beneficiaries.
  • ASHA incentive for bringing JSY beneficiary to Institutional delivery Rs.200/- in Non Tribal area and Rs.600/- in Tribal area.
  • At Sub Centre level a permission to open a sub account has been given to ANM.

Availability of the scheme

The scheme is available at all Sub Centers, Primary Health Centers, Community Health Centers, Rural Hospitals, Sub- District Hospitals, District Hospitals, Accredited Hospitals, and Hospitals under Medical Colleges, Municipal Corporation Hospitals, Corporation Hospitals & all Government Granted Hospitals.

Performance of the JSY scheme

Sr. No. Year No. of Beneficiaries
1 2005-06 20008
2 2006-07 46728
3 2007-08 219552
4 2008-09 224375
5 2009-10 347799
6 2010-11 354108
7 2011-12 (End of July) 67490
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