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School Health Program 2012-13

National Rural Health Mission started School Health Check-up Program from Feb 2008 in Maharashtra in coordination with Education Department (SSA). It covers 1st to 10th standard students from the rural area. In the year 2010-11 the program was extended to the check-up of 1st to 4th std. students of Municipal Councils & Corporation schools. In the year 2012-13, School Health Program is extended to cover health check-up of students of 11th and 12th std. from Schools having Junior colleges, by existing team as per the direction for GoI.

The program comprises of the health check-up of the students of the primary schools (Government approved and private schools), Vasti schools and alternative education centers, secondary government approved granted and non-granted schools, Ashramshala schools and the students enrolled by Social Welfare Department in special schools and handicapped schools in rural area & Corporation & Municipal Council schools in urban area.

Silent features of Program
  • Appointed total 440 School health teams for health check-up of students. (356 for Rural, 29 for Corporation, 18 for Municipal Corporation and 37 for Ashram Schools in tribal areas)
  • Two doctors (1 male & 1 female)
  • One Pharmacist
  • One vehicle provided for each team.
  • Individual health check-up card for each student is made available.
  • Medicines and equipment’s are made available to teams
  • Training to Medical Officers is imparted from the state level through Health and Family Welfare Training Center (HFWTC) on School Health program.
Progress from 15th June, 2012 to 31 December, 2012
Activities Total students Achievements Total Budget (as per Approved PIP) Expenditure (April 2012 to Dec. 2012)
Health check up of students
In Rural area from 1st std. to 10th std. and 11th& 12th Junior colleges.
MNC & Nagarparishad school students from 1st to 4th std.
118.24 lakhs 83,03,794 students 3940.24 lakhs 2425.11 lakhs
Total No. of 65,195 students referred at Rural & District Hospital.
  • From 1st April 2012, total No. of 566 Heart Surgeries and 3619
Other Surgeries:

Orthopedic surgeries, Undesented testis, Hydrocyle, Harnia, Apendix, Squint/Cataract Dental Surgeries, ENT, etc) are conducted.

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