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Outpatient departments of the hospitals in Maharashtra are generally overcrowded. OPD of well functioning DH exceeds 1000 patients a day. Even many of the PHCs have OPD more than 100 patients a day. In bigger hospitals, patients get confused for registration, queuing for correct specialist, laboratory services, injections and medicines. This is one of the important limitations for not seeking public health services by general public.

As OPD is first point of contact for any patient with Public Health Services, it is proposed to improve the OPD services by providing help desk, additional registration window, computerizing the total OPD system, computerizing laboratory services and dispensing of medicines. Patient will be given appropriate advice at help desk. Signages will be installed clearly mentioning the directions.

It is also proposed to improve the examination room by providing privacy to patients and specialists.

In this proposal, it is proposed to start this project in all 23 District Hospitals, 33 SDH (one per district) and 33 PHCs (one per district). These places will be developed as model health facilities in that district to show other health facilities what can be done in public health sector.

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