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Nutrition Clinic were started only in 28 district. Out of 32 dist of the State. In 3 districts clinics are not functioning due to medical college (Latur, Sangli & Nanded).

Monthly report not yet sent by following districts i.e., Hingoli, Buldhana, Sindhudurg & Yavatmal and in rest of districts Nutrition clinics are functioning regularly. Age group wise children visited to the clinics are 0 to 06 yrs-2786, 7 to 10 yrs-818 and 11 to 16 yrs-585, 2042, ANC mothers, 1853 PNC mothers, 585 Adolescence are the beneficiaries getting regular advice. Total beneficiaries in nutrition clinics are 8084 in the month of June-11. In NUTRITION CLINIC 33 children are upgrade from SAM to MAM, 39 children from MAM to NORMAL, 25 children from SAM to NORMAL, 26 children SAM to SAM and 53 children MAM to MAM, 2677 Children have maintained their Normal status and not degraded. Out of 365 revisited children. 114 children have gained weight. 46 beneficiaries are in regular follow up list and 51 beneficiaries are in irregular follow up.

However the report of the Nutrition Clinic can help in spreading awareness on Nutrition and help Mothers, hence there is a need to strengthen our Nutrition Clinic.

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