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For strengthing I.E.C. activities in Maharashtra State, State Government established an integrated I.E.C. Bureau at Pune from 1996.


  • To create awareness in the community for accepting the health services.
  • To involve the community in the health and family welfare programe.
  • To mitivate people for accepting the health services.


  • To create awareness in the community for accepting the health services.
  • To involve the community in the health and family welfare programe.
  • To mitivate people for accepting the health services.
  • To plan the health education activities regarding various National Health Programme.
  • Production of Health Education material and to provide at field level.
  • Organization of exhibition.
  • Organization of health education activities for various Women's and Youth's group.
  • Publication of Monthly health magazine 'Maharashtra Arogya Patrika.'
  • Evaluate the health education activities and various media methods.
  • Management of Health Education activities.
  • To involve various media people and to organize health and family welfare publicity activities through Film Shows, Exhibition and Youth Meetings.
  • Review of Health Education Projects in the State.
  • Organization of Mass Education activities on the occasion of World Health Day, World Population Day, World AIDS Day etc. At the district and Primary Health Centre level the activities like film shows organized with the help if local panchayat bodies and voluntary organizations.
  • To coordinate with media like T.V., Radio channels, Publicity units, Press for getting publicity.
  • Produce T.V. Spots, Radio Jingles, Films, CDs & VCDs, Newspaper advertisements etc.


  • IEC material like video films, posters, folders, stickers have been produced for Swine Flu awareness.
  • Small folders have published and distributed on Birth registration, Immunization, Breast feeding, Nutrition, Smoking & Tobacco, JSY, Swine Flu, Maleria, Dangue, etc.
  • Monthly Health Magazine (Arogya Patrika)
  • P.V.C. Stickers & Banners.
  • Tin Plates.
  • AIDS Control Booklets.
  • Flip books & Flip Charts.
  • Master Cassettes Pulse Polio, AIDS, Leprosy, Maleria.
  • Production of T.V. Spot on programmes like swine flu, Anti Tobacco campaign.
  • Provide Plastic display boards for exhibitions.
  • Organization of exhibitions in the state.
  • Health messages on hoarding, Laminated panels regarding health programmes.
  • Awareness regarding RCH & NRHM activities.


  • Production & distribution of video films, posters, flipbooks & stickers for awareness in the community regarding swine flu.
  • Printing & distribution of flipbook on various topics regarding care in pregnancy, registration of birth, vaccination, diet, tobacco, smoking, diabetes, Janani Suraksha Yojana, Swine flu, Sickle cell anaemea, Malaria, Dengue, Chickengunia, etc.
  • Special health awareness drive is conducted through Parivartan express- An audio-visual van on various occasions like village fairs, festivals, & ceremony.
  • Organization of wide community awareness programme on Right age of marriage for a girl child & PCPNDT Act.
  • Models are prepared based on various topics for display in health exhibitions.
  • T.V.Serials viz. Jagar & Aga Bai were produced and telecasted on Doordarshan.
  • Tumhich Sanga Deva' - a special lyrical Video Film based on family planning is prepared & distributed.
  • An innovative programme called 'Mistry Patient Hangama' was conducted under Maharashtra State Health Services Development Project to develop the services given in health institutions.
  • Special Training was given to doctors, nurses & other health workers for hospitality by expert training organization in Ahmednagar District.
  • Message on Right Marriage Age for a girl' was given through Meghdoot Post Card.
  • Health messages on Pulse Polio, Janani Suraksha Yojana, Chikengunia, Dengue, Right Marriage age for a girl etx. were painted on S.T. Buses, BEST buses, Local Trains in Mumbai.
  • All district headquarters were provided L.C.D. projectors.
  • All district headquarters were provided by Sine Boards giving Information about Janani Suraksha Yojana.
  • Scrolling boards giving health messages provided to District Headquarters, District Civil Hospitals, collector offices, and all Health & Family Welfare Training Centres.
  • Hoardings are erected at various places viz. S.T. Stands, Civil Hospitals, Collector Offices, Z.P.s
  • Flipcharts on population were printed & distributed among all Gram Panchayats & Secondary Schools.
  • Special grants were distributed to tribal areas for awareness among tribal people through folk programmes.
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